Thursday, December 16, 2010

Follow Friday & Blog Hop December 17-19

Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkie @ Parajunkie's View

This week's question:

Carmel is studying web design... What did you study in college, or are currently studying and did it lead to your current 9 to 5 or are you doing something totally different?

 My answer:

I'm not even in college yet! LOL

Blog Hop is hosted by Jennifer @ Crazy-For-Books

 This week's question:

"What do you consider the most important in a story: the plot or the characters?"

My answer:

Plot! I don't care if the characters are running around naked screaming at flowers, as long as the plot is good, then the book shall be finished ;) 

Note from the blogger:

Thank you for coming to visit me. I do get lonely over here sometimes =( But, I find my way around it! My name's Hannah, but I answer to a lot of names. Night Owl(courtesy of my reading late at night), Bookaholic(courtesy of my reading habit ;)) or any of the other 'crazy' names you guys have given me!

I want to let you know of the things you might have missed if your a new follower, or come to see me every Friday(or late Thursday night). 

Featured Blogger:

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Blue Moon 

 Pitiful, right? I only reviewed one book this week =( I'll make sure to do a couple of them tomorrow!!

 Now's the time for the fun! There's plenty of posts i didn't include above, so go ahead and have a look. When your done, make sure to come on back and leave your link so I can come over and follow/visit you back!



  1. Found you through the Follow Friday hop. Great blog. I'm your newest follower :D
    And I'm not in college yet, either.

  2. Hi , old follower. A good plot goes a long way but I also love characters with a sarcastic sense of humor too.

    My Follow Friday

  3. Thanks! I'm going to come stop by your blog now :)

  4. Ahhh! How'd you post so fast BLH?? LOL My last comment was for Skye! Gonna come visit you too though :)

  5. thanks for following my blog! Im your new follower

  6. Thanks for coming by my blog! I see you're reading The Help. I'm following you now and I'll be sure to look for your review. I loved it!

  7. Thanks for stopping by! What do you plan on studying in college?

  8. @Susan - :D I love it so far, so I'm pretty sure the review will be up soon!

    @Flippin' Fab - Not sure yet. Many something in prelaw or journalism. Two very different things though.

  9. @Flippin' Fab - Meant to say "Not sure yet. MAYBE something in prelaw or journalism. Two very different things though."

  10. How about Hannah Banana... because they rhyme >.> How about what will you study or want to study or think you will study or something like that ^.^

    Sniffly Kitty
    Sniffly Kitty's Mostly Books
    New Meme: Third Sentence Thursday!

  11. Hi Hannah! I'm an old follower/lover. The whole shebang.

    Enjoy not being in college. :( I envy you!

    Haha, I'd totally buy a book that had a character running around naked and screaming at flowers. Sounds fun. xP

    Here's my blog hop. Have a great Friday! <3

  12. Just stopping by from the follow. Nice blog. :)

  13. Happy HOP! This week's question wasn't so simple to answer but ultimately it was characters for me. That's where I make my connection to the story. LOVE your blog and I'll be back.

    Come HOP by The Bookish Snob

  14. HI! Old follower here. Just stopping by from the Blog Hop and FF. Hope you have a great weekend :)
    Caroline @ Bon Bons and Reveries

  15. Hi, Hannah! Old follower here. Just dropping by from the hop. :)

    Have a nice weekend!

    -Len of Musings of a Reader Happy

  16. Hey! Thanks for stopping by for today's #FF and checking out my new blog design. Have you read my featured blogger post yet at Parajunkee's View? I'm an old follower. :) Happy weekend!

    Rabid Reads / Twitter

  17. I did not go to college, and I am currently retired. I worked for over 15 years in the secretarial division of Emery Air Freight in the 1960s and 1970s. I was a stay-at-home mom for the 1980s and 1990s, and now I am helping my daughter with her business, Tribute Books as the volunteer office manager.

  18. This might be the best Book Blogger Hop question I've seen to date.

    So what's the answer? Plot! Hop over to my blog and let me tell you how a good plot rescued bad characters from bad book oblivion.

    Howard Sherman

  19. Hopping by to return the visit! I already follow. :-)

  20. @Sniffly Kitty - LOL thanks! Another nickname to keep track of ;)

    @Kristina - I'll let you know when I find one with naked characters running around screaming at flowers LOL

    @Angelic - Thanks!!

    @Belinda - It was a really hard question this week! Hard to choose :/ Hope you do come back :)

    @Caroline - Thanks for stopping in :)

    @Maidenveil - Thanks for coming over :)

    @Carmel - I have read it! Good feature!

    @TBM - Wow! Sounds like you've been quite busy :D

    @Howard - I'll have to stop by to see your answer!

    @Tiger - Thanks!

  21. Happy Friday!

    Hope you have a great weekend!!
    Romance Book Junkies

  22. "running around naked screaming at flowers" !! too funny!! I like your answer! :)

  23. Pretty neat blog design.

    I love to look at blog designs and header designs.

    Lots of good answers to this week's tough question.

    Hopping by from the blog hop.

    Stop by my blog to see my answer to this week's question.

    Also check out a design site I found...pretty neat home decorating is in the right side panel on my blog.

    Happy Holidays!!

  24. @Elizabeth - Me too :) I'll come over and check it out!


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