Saturday, February 5, 2011

Review: Wintergirls

“"Do I joke with you about food?" I am so hungry I have to stay strong--bend, but not break. "One muffin.""Two muffins. You need the carbs.""One and the eggs."She takes another deep breathe. "Deal."”

Title: Wintergirls
Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
Source: Library
Date Finished: January 25th, 2011
Rating: D - Okay!

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Summary of Book:
“Dead girl walking,” the boys say in the halls. “Tell us your secret,” the girls whisper, one toilet to another. I am that girl. I am the space between my thighs, daylight shining through. I am the bones they want, wired on a porcelain frame. Lia and Cassie are best friends, wintergirls frozen in matchstick bodies, competitors in a deadly contest to see who can be the skinniest. But what comes after size zero and size double-zero? When Cassie succumbs to the demons within, Lia feels she is being haunted by her friend’s restless spirit. In her most emotionally wrenching, lyrically written book since the multiple-award-winning Speak, Laurie Halse Anderson explores Lia’s descent into the powerful vortex of anorexia, and her painful path toward recovery.

I usually love Laurie Halse Anderson's books, but this time, it was just too rough for me. Prom was a fun read, Speak was rough, but still good, but this one was just a bumpy ride for me. I thought it tackled a good subject though; anorexia.
For those who don't know what anorexia is, it's pretty much a where your afraid to gain weight, so you eat as little bit of food as possible.
So, in the story, Lia doesn't want to gain weight. She's fighting it really. She tries to eat as little as possible and hopes she doesn't gain anything from it.
Most of you know that I usually need to read a book that ends with a "happily ever after" not literally the words "happily ever after" but just a happy ending. This book did have a kind of happy ending..But it just wasn't for me :\
I do have to say that the cover is gorgeous!
I'm going to try to read another one of Anderson's books, I'm thinking Chains next. I'm not sure.


  1. I haven't read this one yet but I'll probably still pick it up because I love Laurie's works. I read Chains this past year..SO GOOD if you like historical fiction. I don't typically read MG but this book blew me away and I didn't even think about the fact that it was MG.

  2. Jamie - Yeah, let me know if you like it any better :/ Gee, I'm not much a historical fiction, I'll have to look into it more. Really?? I thought for sure it was YA..

  3. Thanks for the review Hannah. I haven't hear of this novel before but that could be because I only read YA Paranormal Romance? This sounds interesting enough so maybe I'll order it and give it a try.

    I'm now following you and would love if you follow me back.

    -Hale (Hale & Salvatore Supernatural Must Reads)

  4. I love Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak. She always writes such powerful books, and because of that I don't always need a happy ending with her books. Great review, I might try it sometime anyway. :)

  5. H & S - Your welcome, A! Yeah, this isn't paranormal romance. Give it a try and let me know how you like it! (already following you :D)

    TheBookHour - Try it! Wanna see how others like it :)


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