Saturday, February 5, 2011

In My Mailbox #18

In My Mailbox is a weekly event exploring the books received this week and is hosted by Kristi @ The Story Siren. Please comment with your links so I can come see what's new with you too!!

This is going to be the 2nd lamest In My Mailbox post, I've ever blogged before. I got one book this week. But..It's kind of one to be excited for;
Now, the reason why I only got 1 book this week, is because I have 30+ I need to read, and catch-up on. So, the next couple of months(maybe month and a half, if I'm lucky) might have kind of lame IMM posts. I'll still post IMM posts and let you know if I got a book or two(most likely to get one or two every week now) and I'll let you guys know what I saw in the library too :) 
This week though, I didn't go off looking anywhere in the library though, I went straight to the check-out, grabbed Torment and got out of there before I was pulled in.(and yes I did get some weird looks thrown my way, lol)
But, I have a very exciting post for next Saturday because 2 books that I've been waiting forever for, have come in at the library and I will be picking them up Wednesday(hopefully, anyway).

I hope you had a better week than I did! So, I want you to either tweet me your link or comment with it, you guys know I love IMM posts. Non-followers links are welcomed too :)


  1. It's never lame if it's a book you're exited for. And Torment is really awesome, so i hope you enjoy!

  2. I usually just run into the library, grab my books from the hold shelf, and head for the self-checkout. Yesterday, I actually took the time to explore the first floor of my library for the first time... and I moved five months ago! I have now learned that the kiddie area is sadly lacking in books but looks like a cute play room :0P

  3. Khadija - Thanks for making me feel better :) I'll come check out your IMM post in a minute!

    JK - You have a self-checkout? I don't! No fair! Awwh cute :) My library is pretty big, but only has one floor that I've aware of. But they have a back room, as it's possible that there are stairs hidden back there. HAHA. Thanks for stopping by -hugs-

  4. Aw even though you only got one book; it's a pretty good one!! (I haven't read it yet but hopefully I will soon) & like you, I think I'm gonna stop picking up new books because I have way too many waiting to be read =/

  5. Alyssa - Yeah, it looks great, but I probably won't be able to start reading it until mid March or somewhere around then.

  6. Well, you definitely had a better week then me, but I have 180 (well 179 now cause I read one) books to be read on my shelves. So I'm not buying anymore until Feb. 22nd (a fantastic release day!).
    Torment is awesome though! I hope you love it!
    Thanks for stopping by :)

  7. Candace - I have 290 books on my TBR shelf. The 30+ are ones I have checked out from my library at the moment. (ha-ha good idea ;)) I hope your right! No, no, thank you ;)

  8. I got an even lamer mailbox - 0 lol. I need to save moneeeeyyy! :(

  9. 1 book is still a book! :) Torment looks good, but I won't be reading any reviews of it for a while b/c I haven't started Fallen yet! But when I do, I'll check back here to see if you're managed to get to the 31st book on your pile! xx

  10. Steph - LOL You've spent too much then ;)

    TheBookHour - Yeah..LOL Read it! It's amazing :) Haha ;) That could take a while! xP Thanks for stopping in xx!

  11. Torment is great!!
    l hope you enjoy it.
    l am hoping my IMM will be less busy for a month or too. l seriously have like 200 books to read, either on my shelves or my kindle! Its toooo many

  12. BooksForCompany - WOW! Good luck catching up :/

  13. Thanks! loool
    l had an obsession with getting books from charity shops a year ago and got a lot then!
    But because l most of them l don't feel the pressure to get them read to review! =)

  14. BooksForCompany - Haha. Good idea! Need to do some more buying ;)


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