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Featured Blogger: Dutchie(Bonnie)

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H: "Let's start off with your name and some things about you, before we go on to your blog."

D: "My name is Bonnie aka Dutchie.I'm a novelist in my late 20's, Australian born, and naturally I love to read and collect books. I am also a little arty with painting and creating occasionally, and love art itself, love sub cultures and different cultures in general, and when I have the time am an advocate for certain things such as bisexuality or awareness of certain illnesses. Apart from blogging I am in the middle (literally) of writing a novel, and making the most of spending time with the people in my life."

H: "What are some of your favorites? Like, movies, blogs, authors, etc..?"

D: "Book(s): Oh my that is a long list! I’ll try and keep it short. A Clockwork Orange, Contagious and Infected, The Painted Man, The Name of The Wind, A lot of Anne Rice’s earlier books (including her erotica and historical fiction), Brave New World, 1984, I Am Legend, Harry Potter, Imp, The Exorcist, The Time Traveler's Wife, Alone by James Phelan and I'll cut myself off there.

Movie(s): 300, V for Vendetta, The Children of Men, Nosferatu, Battle Royale, Oldboy, The Shining, the Harry Potter movies, and way more. That list has just as much chance as getting as long as the books because I love my movies. Mostly world cinema, horror, and films of a darker or sinister nature in general and I especially love Asian films.

Genre(s): Dystopia, Horror, Steampunk, Dark Fantasy, Kink, Russian Literature, and Young Adult Fantasy.

Blog(s): I follow a lot of blogs, but have only just started so am getting myself acquainted with them still. The ones I have followed for longest and do regularly are author blogs like Patrick Rothfuss (he cracks me up) and Peter V. Brett's

Color(s): Red, silver, black, green, brown, and purple, but I love all colours. Just don't expect me to surround myself with the lighter girlier ones...

Author(s): H.G. Wells, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Scott Sigler, Anne Rice, Tobsha Learner, Patrick Rothfuss, Peter V. Brett, James Phelan, Anthony Burgess, J.K. Rowling, Michael Grant"

H: "Ok. So we all know what we're dealing with, *wink*, so tell us, Bonnie, about your blogs."

D: "Well my blogs names are Bookish Ardour with the off shoot BA’s Reading Challenges. You can find Bookish Ardour by going here. And you can find BA's Reading Challenges by going here. "

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H: "Ok. Well what do you review?"

D: "I’m a dark fiction lover, but I can be a bit eclectic with my reading tastes which is Dystopia, Steampunk, Horror, Fantasy (mostly Urban, but sometimes classic fantasy and paranormal), some Science Fiction, Warhammer 40K literature, Bizarro Fiction, Classic Literature, Historical Fiction, Young Adult (in the genres of fantasy, horror, general, and some paranormal romance, but not too much or else I’ll throw up. I’m not very girly in that sense…).

I also reviewed graphic novels for a publishing company last month, I plan to review Non Fiction in the future, and I post about books, reading, and writing as well or just whatever I feel like blogging that is related to all the above. Oh and I run a book club so I also post reading guides based on what we read as well.

H: "When did you start this(Bookish Ardour) blog?"

D: "This one I started last year I believe around Christmas so almost exactly a year ago now! Wow, it feels like this one has been going for two years instead. I have been book blogging for several years though and blogging for even longer. I was on blogspot originally, but blogspot drives me up the wall a bit and I wanted to move and clean up my blogs."
H: "What about your challenges for your other blog?"

D: "I host several on my Reading Challenges blog that I have only just started doing. I hosted one that was a two month stint for comics, but all the rest don’t start till January and they’re year long.

They consist of a Comic Challenge, Steampunk Challenge, Dystopia Challenge (including allegorical and post-apocalyptic), Off The Shelf (which is to read as many unread books on your shelf as you can and if you don’t have enough then just the books on your TBR list), and The Century Challenge (that one is a bit more complicated, you choose books by publishing year and there are levels from 10 books to 200, but it’s best to read about it).

Ways to contact Bonnie:
Facebook Fan Page
BA Reading Challenges
Bookish Ardour

Come back later this week to see Bonnie's guest review of Horrorcon by Scott Norton!

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