Thursday, October 28, 2010

Review: The Wish

How do you feel about the way people treat Wilma?
I never thought that it was very fair that other people were popular and snooty to each other. I think I would have stood up for myself rather than take the teasing.

Would you have granted the same wish Wilma did?
Probably not.

If you were popular, which person would you most likely want to be..Nina, Wilma or BeeBee? I'd totally be Wilma. I mean who cares what people think of you? Just be you and eventually someone will like you, and you'll be happy :)

What are your feelings on animals?
I love them! I was soo glad their was animals in the book. Reggie sounds really cute though! Not as cute as my puppy I don't think though.

What would you wish for?
As weird as it sounds, I would have wished for enough money and stuff for a pet shop. I love animals a lot and would love one.
Summary Of Book(By Author Of Blog) NO SPOILERS:
Wilma isn't popular at her middle school. She doesn't have any friends and since the accident where she wrote an essay about being a dog, she have made fun of her about it after the teacher read it aloud to the class. When Wilma lets an old lady sit down in her seat, the old lady thinks of it as kindness and grants Wilma a wish of any type. Wilma wishes that she was the most popular kid at school. Suddenly she has forty dates to the graduation dance and a secret admirer. But when she realizes that she only wished to be popular at the middle school, she realizes her mistake, but will her wish really end as suddenly as it came?

As I said before, I think it was unfair that people treat others like their dirt and like their queens. People should just stop it. I think Wilma just went with what she felt she needed the most. I don't think she should have wished for popularity though. I think she should have wished for friends. That's what she really wanted. I think it's kind of cute that she fell for the dork as her first boyfriend. But I can see why she chose him instead of some other guy. He liked Wilma before she was popular and I think that it was sort of meant to be. I know, that sounds corny.
If you liked this book by Levine, you'll love Ella Enchanted.

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