Saturday, February 12, 2011

Review: Undead and Unreturnable

"Then, of course, he was dead, because Laura leaned down, picked up a chunk of wood off the pile, and broke his head in half."

Title: Undead and Unreturnable
Series: Undead #4
Author: MaryJanice Davidson
Reading Level: Adult
Source: Library
Date Finished: January 28, 2011
Rating: B - Amazing

Summary of Book:
Queen of the Vampires Betsy Taylor is in the middle of planning the perfect wedding to drop-dead gorgeous vamp Eric Sinclair. But all is not bouquets and bridal showers-Betsy is plagued by ghosts who demand her help in rectifying their past mistakes, and a serial killer is on the loose. With his victims all being tall, blond women, Betsy fits the profile exactly.

Like usual, there's a stick figure on the cover. Although I do love all the covers, the stick figure of Betsy is a little much.  But never the same, it's the actual book that matters. And as usual, this series delivered. I love all the books in Davidson's series so far. Of the four I've read, I'd have to say that Undead and Unappreciated(#3 in the series) is my favorite.
The series is hilarious and I can always read one of this series' books whenever I get bored with my other books. But, I have to say that this one in the series definitely isn't a favorite. I love reading Sinclair's smarty comebacks and there was barely any in this book(spoiler: because he found out about Betsy's being able to read his mind and he got mad at her, then didn't speak to her for a couple of days. :end of spoiler).
I do recommend that you read this series though. Adult or not, it is really funny and can usually be read within an afternoon. 


  1. Great review H!

    I love this series as welL! =D

  2. L: I can't wait to pick up #5 in the series :)

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