Monday, February 7, 2011

Author Interview: Kody Keplinger

H: Most of the people who have read The DUFF, know that you got your inspiration from your high school cafeteria, but how did you come up with the story's plot?
KK: "At first, the story didn't have one. I had characters and a title, but no plot whatsoever. But one night I was taking a shower and I had my radio on in the next room, playing my Veronicas CD at top volume. This song, "I Can't Stay Away" started playing. The lyrics are really sexy, but about a relationship where the narrator knows the guy isn't good for her, but she feels "addicted" to him. As soon as the song was over, I had my story. I honestly jumped out of the shower and ran to my laptop in a towel and wrote the first two paragraphs right away." 
H: How did you choose your characters' names? Were they characters from your past or just randomly picked names?
KK: "Neither. It sounds nuts, but I feel like my characters really chose their names in this book. Bianca was always Bianca, and the same goes for her best friends, Casey and Jessica. As for Wesley - I did pick his name. Wesley (not Wes) is my favorite boy's name EVER. Think of the good Wesleys out there - Wesley from the TV show ANGEL (my fave) and Wesley from Princess Bride?  Who doesn't love a Wesley? So Wesley it had to be." 
H: What's your favorite high school memory?
KK: "Riding to the restaurant after graduation with the windows down singing "My Life Would Suck Without You" at the top of my lungs with the people I thought I'd be best friends with forever." 
H: Your soon to come book, Luststruck, what can you tell us about it?
KK: "Not much yet. I can say that it's a modern reimagining (not quite a retelling) of a Greek play called Lysistrata, which I read last year and absolutely loved. It deals with same themes I touched on in THE DUFF - about judgments and labels - but in more depth. I hope it'll be a fun girl-power kind of read!"
Quick Questions:
Real or Fiction: Fiction
Reading or watching: Reading
Florida or California: California
Strawberry or Chocolate: Strawberry
Pizza or ice cream: ice cream

Favorite Movie(s): Cruel Intentions.
Favorite Author(s): Judy Blume, Jane Austen, JK Rowling
Favorite Book(s): Too many to even try to name.
Favorite Genre(s): I LOVE Urban Fantasy, but I'm a softy for a good contemporary.
Favorite place(s) to write: My desk
Favorite TV show: Gossip Girl right now, but in older TV, Buffy.

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