Sunday, November 21, 2010

Round-Up The Year In Books!

Break out your books! Break our your lists! Break out your TBR lists! Let's get started on next year early!

Round-Up The Year With Books will be hosted by moi! And it is really easy! But if your afraid of lists(I'm not sure there's even a phobia for that!), I suggest standing a ways away from the computer at this time.

If you aren't afraid of lists, please continue.

Now, the first thing you do is scream. Literally. You made it through ANOTHER year of reading. Congrats :)

The next thing you do is cruise around in your list of reviews of what you've read and make lists of your favorite series, authors, stand-alone books, etc..The 'categories' can be any kind you want. They can be from favorite vampire books to favorite books that made you cry. But make sure it's your FAVORITE.

Once you have your favorite list of books and categories together, work on your least favorite books list. Just like your favorite books, the categories can be simple or complete nonsense! It doesn't matter!

Now you have your least favorite books & your favorite books lists. What you have to do now is work on the lists of what you want to read next year! Now the list is going to get kind of long I'm sure! So. . .Make sure you have a pot of coffee or tea or whatever you prefer ready and get started!

If you want, you can add a wishlist, list of books you would recommend, etc.. to it to spice things up a little bit!

Post your lists on your blog and link back to this post. Once you have your Round-Up The Year With Books! post posted on your blog, come back and add your link to the linky list below :)

My list will be posted soon. But to keep you guys busy. . .Every Monday(starting tomorrow) a question will be posted weekly. Just come back to this blog(Every Little Thing) and take the question, then answer it yourself! If you have a question you want other bloggers to answer, leave it as a comment! Make sure to include your blog name and link so we can give you credit!

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