Monday, November 29, 2010

Featured Blogger: Sniffly Kitty

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H: "What can you tell us about yourself?"

SK: "My name is Sniffly Kitty. I love books! I started reading books when I was 5, and was often punished for staying up and reading instead of well... sleeping. It probably wasn't a great deterrent because I still stay up and read.

It may or may not be obvious ^.~ but I have a book blog. I've gotten into actually writing reviews for books now so I'm sharing them with people. My reviews are for book lovers that don't want to read long reviews.

I also love cooking, gadgets/software, and PC games. The cooking often results in me trying to foist my latest creation off on unsuspecting friends. I work at a startup doing product management stuff when I'm not reading (books, blogs, and news), cooking, or gaming. (I suppose that should really be the other way around ^.^)"

H: "What about your blog? I'm sure many people want to know about your blog!"

SK: "My blog's name is Sniffly Kitty's Mostly Books. My blog link is I don't have a blog icon. I mostly review Sci-Fi and Fantasy although there are some general fiction books as well.
My blog was started back in 2008, but it only started being an active book blog in September of 2010(yep this year!)
If you want to reach me through other places, here are a couple of links:


H: "Here's where the fun begins! We want to get to know some of your favorites! We might just have something in common with you!"

SK: "Ok, well here is a list of my favorites..
Food(s): Cookies, Pasta, Tofu (in dishes not by itself), Burritos
Book(s): Kushiel's Dart (if pressed to pick one, it would be this one) by Jacqueline Carey, Ender's Game and Enders Shadow by Orson Scott Card, Old Man's War by John Scalzi, Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce
Movie(s): Mulan (seriously....)
Genre(s): Fantasy (I like just about all the subgenres in fantasy)
Blog(s): I'm partial to my own.... but also Whatever Blog and the Smitten Kitchen
Color(s): Blue (just about all shades)
Candy(s): Melty Kisses (they're a Japanese chocolate candy)
Sport(s): uh... Badminton?

Well! That's the end of the interview! You guys are more than welcome to ask Sniffly Kitty questions of your own! If you have a question you want bloggers to answer, let me know! You can reach me through Goodreads, Shelfari, Twitter, or here. My links are in my About Me/Review Policy page!

Go visit Sniffly Kitty at:! Come back to see Sniffly Kitty's review of The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman later this week!


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