Monday, October 11, 2010

Author Interview: RaeAnne Hadley

RaeAnne Hadley
I got the privilege to interview RaeAnne Hadley, author of Mechanics Of Murder and With Love, Now & Forever.

How old were you when you started writing?
"I was 34 years old when I started writing."

How did you get the inspiration for With Love, Now & Forever?
"I had fallen in love for the first time as a young adult and thought I was going to spend forever with him. One night his father came over with a dozen red roses and proclaimed his love for me. I was absolutely devestated because I thought of this man as a father figure. I knew the man I was involved with would be hurt and it would tear his parents marriage apart if I told him what had happened so to protect him and his family, I never said anything and just broke things off. I eventually found an married my "Prince Charming" and I am truly happy but it always bothered me what had happened, so I wrote this story to purge my feelings and to also teach that you can have more than one soul mate in a lifetime. Love is truly what you make it."

Is there anything you'd change in With Love, Now & Forever, if you could?
"I am so proud of WLNF, so there really isn't a thing I would change."

What was your first book published? Could you tell us a little bit about it?
"My first book is called Mechanics of Murder, which is a romatic murder mystery. It's about a female automotive technician, Josephine Lingenfelter, who finds a body wrapped up underneath the vehicle she is working on. As she sees more discrepancies in the "accident" and investigates it further, accidents begin to start happening to her and she has to quickly find out what is going on and solve the mystery before she loses her life. Her love interest is Steve Rafferty, the service and parts director at the automotive dealership, also notices the inconsistencies in the police report and as they get closer to solving the murder, the closer they get to each other.

This book is loosely based on my life, being a female auto mechanic myself. I have my associates degree in automotive technology and have been working on cars for 20+ years. The relationship between her and Steve mirrors the relationship I have with my husband, Steve. "

What kind of genre do you tend to write about?
"I love writing about romance and relationships, all of my stories have a positive story within them."

Are there any more books your working on right now?
"Yes, I am working on the sequel to Mechanics of Murder, which will hopefully be released in the spring and I have a romantic thriller, Shiver, being edited right now and hope to have it released by next fall. I also have a contemporary romance in the works but it has taken a backseat to the other two books. I have several more notes on prospective stories, all of them of the romance genre."

Is writing what you've always wanted to do?
"I never knew I wanted to write, it just happened. I was fired from my automotive job 3 weeks into taking maternity leave with my first daughter. I ended up taking a graveyard shift at a manufacturing plant and the story for Mechanics began to evolve. I started writing it down while waiting for the production line and it just took off. As friends and family began to read it, they encouraged me to get it published. While I was working on publishing it, WLNF, popped into my mind and I took off with it too. It has been a wonderful creative outlet and I find I get crabby when I can't write, I can't imagine never writing again, it's so important to me!"

RaeAnne Hadley also has a facebook dedicated to fans and her writing, a blog on and a website that should be up and running soon!
Want to find trailers for her books? 

Thanks goes out to RaeAnne Hadley for letting me interview her!

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